MUST SEE TV? More Millennials Watching Cable News Than Ever Before

By NTK Staff | 03.16.2017 @4:30pm
MUST SEE TV? More Millennials Watching Cable News Than Ever Before

The chief beneficiary of the spike in cable news viewership? It’s not liberally-slanted MSNBC or CNN…

The key demographic advertisers love and the rest of the population loves to hate, millennials, are increasingly turning to cable TV for their news, according to the latest Nielsen data. The New York Post breaks it down:

In the first quarter, Fox News attracted the highest number of millennials — famously addicted to their smartphones — with 67,700 of those aged between 18 and 34 tuning in.

That’s up 250 percent from the same period two years ago, when just 27,100 millennial viewers were glued to Fox News, according to Nielsen data obtained by The Post.

CNN isn’t far behind. It grew millennial viewership to 62,900 from 34,800 in 2015, while MSNBC just notched 35,900 in the first quarter versus 20,400 in the comparable period two years earlier.

So while all networks are up from two years ago, Fox News is the runaway winner with a 19 percent spike and nearly double the overall millennial viewership of MSNBC.

More than 74.5 million strong, millennials are now the largest segment of the American population. Fifty-five percent of voters aged 18-to-29 voted for Hillary Clinton (down from President Obama’s 60 percent in 2012), while Donald Trump earned just 37 percent from that same age group.

The obvious reason behind the uptick in viewership is Trump’s presidency. While cable news viewership typically declines following an election, that has not happened this year.

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