Mysterious Videos Supporting Menendez Appear on New YouTube Channel

By NTK Staff | 09.08.2017 @4:34pm
Mysterious Videos Supporting Menendez Appear on New YouTube Channel

Things must not be looking good for Bob Menendez, who has been reduced to using former staffers to proclaim the senator's innocence.

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is currently on trial facing charges of federal corruption, and it appears his reelection campaign doesn’t think things are going well. It appears they are using a video tracker and a YouTube channel to push a positive narrative about the trial.

Campaigns often employ, but Menendez’s team showed their hand a bit by showcasing “interviews” of people with deep ties and connections to the embattled senator.

The YouTube channel, “Senator Menendez,” appears to have been created two days ago when the trial started. The channel has just eight subscribers and features only six videos.

This is not Menendez’s official Senate YouTube channel, which is “SenatorMenendezNJ.”

The videos appear to have been filmed by someone using a handheld camera.

Four of the videos are of interviews that local news stations conducted with Menendez supporters at the trial. The person filming these clips does not ask any questions.

Menendez’s official campaign Twitter account tweeted out two of these interviews, one of which was with Gina Diaz, who is married “to Manny Diaz – a childhood friend of Menendez.”

The YouTube channel also features an interview with Carolyn Fefferman, who says she believes Menendez will be exonerated. Fefferman “served as Senator Menendez’s liaison to the Jewish community for eight years,” according to her website.

Menendez’s official campaign Twitter account has not yet tweeted that interview.

The other two videos are of Menendez speaking about the trial and proclaiming his innocence.

The first video publicly published on the YouTube channel, “Menendez: “I Will Never Back Down from a Fight for What’s Right,” was first tweeted by Menendez’s communication director, Tricia Enright.

It’s difficult to say exactly who is behind these videos, but Menendez’s reelection campaign could be worried about the outcome of the trial and asked a supporter to shoot and compile these videos as a way of generating positive content for Menendez.

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