N. Korea Allegedly Sends Flyers to S. Korea Showing ‘Mad Dog’ Trump

By NTK Staff | 10.17.2017 @11:00am
N. Korea Allegedly Sends Flyers to S. Korea Showing ‘Mad Dog’ Trump

Trump may like the nickname, though, given his popular secretary of defense is known as "Mad Dog" Mattis.

North Koreans have allegedly started sending anti-Trump propaganda to their neighbors in the South, according to recent reports.

Fox News and others reported on Monday that an independent site for North Korean news shared images of flyers found in Seoul, South Korea, with dramatic images of President Trump as a ‘mad dog.’

Pro-North Korean propaganda posters likening the U.S. president to a raging dog have begun popping up across the South Korean capital, Reuters reported Monday, citing social media posts and people that found them.

“Let’s behead mad dog Trump for the future of a peaceful and warless world and mankind!” one bizarre poster pleads, showing the body of a dog with Trump’s head, being decapitated by an axe.

“Death to old lunatic Trump!” read another, which showed a North Korean soldier stomping on a head that appears to be Trump’s.

The irony of North Korea’s apparent new nickname for Trump? It’s the same nickname given to Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis. For “Mad Dog” Mattis, the moniker is complimentary:

Gen Mattis, who is dubbed “Mad Dog”, is known as much for his memorable turn of phrase as his uncompromising approach to America’s enemies.

The president may not mind sharing a nickname with one of his favorite generals.

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