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Nancy Pelosi Won’t Say Whether Hillary Clinton Can Be a Messenger in 2018

The House Minority Leader wouldn’t say whether Clinton could effectively help Democrats take back the House.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dodged Thursday at her weekly press briefing on whether Hillary Clinton would be an effective messenger for Democrats in the 2018 midterms.

“Is she a good messenger for the Democratic Party in 2018?” a reporter asked, citing Clinton’s desire to help Democrats in the midterms.

“There are going to be all kinds of messengers,” Pelosi said. “With our great diversity, some people will be more helpful some places than others.”

“She says she’s going to be helpful. That would be great,” Pelosi added, not saying what action from Clinton would qualify as “helpful.”

Pelosi, obviously uncomfortable with the subject, then pivoted to discussing the GOP’s “endless, special interest, secret, dark money” and the need for grassroots organizing. The irony of that pivot, of course, is that Clinton announced last month she would launch a 501c4 group – the type of organization she described as an “unaccountable dark money” group.

Considering Clinton’s recent criticism of the Democratic Party for their contribution to her 2016 loss and DNC Chair Tom Perez’s similar dodge on CNN, Democrats appear uneasy about Clinton’s future involvement in party politics.

Democrats may worry that their most recent presidential candidate may make their tough road to the majority even tougher.