National Security Expert: Russia Could Turn on Trump Tomorrow

By NTK Staff | 03.30.2017 @12:49pm

A Russia expert told the Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia would turn on President Trump and target him if took a harder line on the Putin regime.

An expert on cyber- and homeland security told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday that the Kremlin can turn on President Trump at any moment.

Clinton Watts, a senior fellow at the George Washington Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, told Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) that Russia targets American politicians based on Russia’s interests, not America’s interests.

“They might go after a Republican person in the room tomorrow, and then they’ll switch,” Watts said. “Let’s say President Trump, for example, wins [the election] and now turns against [Russia]. They will turn on President Trump as well.”

The U.S.-Russia relationship that many warned would be a Trump-Putin “bromance” has already fizzled early in 2017. Earlier this week, NTK Network shared three ways the Trump administration is already crossing the Kremlin.

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