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Netanyahu Takes a Parting Shot at the Obama Administration in His Opening Remarks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took several shots at the Obama administration during a joint press conference with President Trump on Wednesday.

Netanyahu’s rocky relationship with former President Obama and his administration has widely been reported on. Netanyahu expressed optimism about working with the Trump administration during his opening remarks.

“Israel has no better ally than the United States, and I want to assure you, the United States has no better ally than Israel,” Netanyahu said in his opening remarks. “Our alliance has been remarkably strong, but under your leadership, I’m confident that we’ll get even stronger.”

Netanyahu, went on to say:

“I look forward to working with you to dramatically upgrade our alliance in every field, in security and technology, cyber and trade, and so many others. And I certainly welcome your forthright call that Israel is treated fairly in international forums, and that the slander and boycotts of Israel are resisted mightily by the power and moral position of the United States of America.”

It would appear these comments, about Israel being treated fairly by the international community under President Trump, are a clear shot at the previous administration.

President Obama administration’s decided to not veto a United Nations resolution in December that was sharply critical of Israeli settlements, something that outraged many Israelis.