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“Never Trump” Republican & Google Push Olhausen for FTC Chair

On Monday, it was reported that prominent a ‘Never Trump’ Republican is teaming up with Google to push for Maureen Olhausen to become chair of the Federal Trade Commission.

On Monday, Axios reported that prominent ‘Never Trump’ Republican Ken Blackwell is pushing Maureen Olhausen for chair of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Olhausen was named acting chair of the FTC while the Trump administration decides on a permanent solution. Blackwell advocated for Olhausen to get the job full time.

Axios notes that the fault lines are drawn over Google, which actively opposed Trump during the campaign, but lately has been trying to cozy up to the administration.

Olhausen and Josh Wright are seen as being pushed by Google, and more friendly to their opposition to additional anti-trust actions, according to reports by SilliconBeat and others.