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New 45Committee Ad: Cabinet

The nonprofit 45Committee is out with a new urging Americans to call their senators and demand that President Trump’s Cabinet nominees be confirmed.

Senate Democrats have only confirmed six of President Trump’s Cabinet nominees. As ABC News reported last week: “President Donald Trump has more unconfirmed Cabinet nominees at this point in his term than all previous presidents combined.”

The ad opens by touting the things President Trump has accomplished in his first week in office.

“Companies at home and abroad investing in America again. The Keystone Pipeline finally approved. Union leaders backing President Trump’s pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda,” the ad’s narrator states.

“We’re already winning again, but there’s more to do,” the ad’s narrator tells the audience.

The narrator concludes by saying: “President Trump needs a strong team. His team. To make America great again. Don’t let Washington get in the way. Call your Senator tell them to confirm President Trump’s winning team.”