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New 45Committee Ads ‘Strong Again’ & ‘Same Path’

The 45Committee is out with a two new ads titled, “Strong Again” and “Same Path.” The ads are part of a multimillion-dollar effort in battleground states, according to to the group’s president, Brian Baker.

“Strong Again” is a 60-second ad that asks voters, “What will America look like if we stay on the same path?” It then highlights the stagnant economy and skyrocketing healthcare premiums that Americans have suffered under the Obama administration.

Images of Hillary Clinton then appear on the screen while the narrator proclaims, “Four years of endless scandal, excuses, and lies from a dishonest politician that Americans simply don’t trust.”

An image of a ballot featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump then appears on screen while the narrator states, “No candidates are ever perfect, but this choice is clear.”

“A tired career politician, who would increase taxes more than a trillion dollars, cost us over 300,000 jobs, and dramatically increase the death tax,” the narrator states while showing pictures of a tired-looking Clinton and struggling Americans.

The ad then takes an upbeat tone showing images of Donald Trump calling him “a proven job creator who will fight to get America working.” The ad closes by saying, “It’s time to make America strong again, and that starts on November 8th with your vote. The time for change is right now.”

“Same Path” is the 30-second version of the same ad: