New Ad Calls on Dem Senator Nelson to Support GOP Tax Reform Plan

By NTK Staff | 10.18.2017 @1:08pm

"Senator Nelson is standing in the way of a simple, fair tax system," the new ad's narrator says.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) released a new digital ad that accuses Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) of standing in the way of American’s having a “simple, fair tax system.”

The ad features a female speaker talking directly to the camera, saying: “People are sick of politics. I am too. But fixing our broken tax system isn’t about politics. It’s about helping people. It means the powerful, the well-connected, the politicians, they’ll stop benefiting from a rigged system. It means everyday Americans will have more to spend on what’s important to them. That’s what tax reform will do.”

“So what’s stopping us?” the female speaker asks.

An image of Nelson then appears on screen with a number for the Nelson’s Washington, D.C. office, while the female narrator says, “Senator Nelson is standing in the way of a simple, fair tax system.”

“Nelson has hinted at being willing to work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to reform the tax code to make it more fair and efficient,” AFP-FL State Director Chris Hudson said, in a statement regarding the ad. “This is a once in a generation opportunity that deserves his full endorsement immediately. It’s time for him to help pass tax reform and not obstruct the process any further. Our activists are ready to make sure that Senator Nelson does not get in the way.”

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