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New Ad Calls On Obama, Clinton & DNC to Return Weinstein’s Money

The Republican National Committee is asking Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to return the money that they received from Harvey Weinstein.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new ad that calls on former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to return the money they received from serial sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein.

The ad, which is titled, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is,” features several clips of Obama and Clinton condemning acts of sexual assault.

The ad then plays audio of Michelle Obama saying, “I want to start by thanking Harvey Weinstein. He is a wonderful human being, a good friend, and just a powerhouse.”

While this audio plays, pictures are shown of Weinstein hanging out with the Clintons and Obamas while the following text appears on screen: “Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, DNC. Put your money where your mouth is. Return all of the dirty Harvey Weinstein money.”

After remaining silent for five days following the reports that Weinstein had been a serial sexual harasser for years, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama released statements about Weinstein.

Their combined silence was notable because of the amount of money Weinstein both donated and raised for their various campaigns. According to the Center For Responsive Politics, Weinstein raised at least $500,000 for Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign.

On top of that, Weinstein hosted a $32,400 per-person fundraising dinner for Obama’s victory fund that raised $2 million.

Weinstein also raised over $100,000 for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and threw a fundraiser for Clinton at his Manhattan home.

The Hill reported that “the DNC has received about $300,000 from Weinstein over the years, federal election records show,” but elected to donate $30,000 of that to the Democratic aligned PAC EMILY’s List.”

Both Clinton’s and Obama’s statements about Weinstein condemned his actions, but neither said whether they would be returning the money they received from Weinstein.