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New Ad Highlights How America’s Complicated Tax Code Has Hurt Middle-Class Americans

The ad will run throughout the August recess and aims to put pressure on Republicans to take up tax reform.

The American Action Network (AAN) released a new TV ad on Wednesday titled, “Laid Off,” that highlights how America’s complex tax code has hurt middle-class Americans and is part of a concerted effort by Republican outside groups to put pressure on Congressional Republicans to take up tax reform when they return from recess.

The ad opens with a former metal worker saying he was proud of his job and was in the American middle class but that all changed because of foreign competition.

“America’s tax code is so complicated we can’t be as competitive,” he says. “Thousands of jobs like mine are lost to places like China.”

The metal worker then says when he sees “Congress working to cut taxes for working families and bring jobs back, I know how that matters.”

The ad closes with the metal worker calling on Congress to pass tax reform that would bring America’s middle class back.

“Laid Off,” is part of a larger $5 million ad buy that AAN announced before Congress broke for recess. The ad will run on national cable and in 24 Congressional districts represented by Republicans throughout the August recess.