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New Ad Highlights What Tax Reform Will Mean For Working American Families

American Action Network has spent $8 million promoting Republican tax reform efforts.

The American Action Network (AAN) announced that it is launching an additional $500,000 digital ad blitz to help promote Republican tax reform efforts on Tuesday.

The group, which is aligned with Speaker Paul Ryan, has already spent $8 million on promoting tax reform to date.

The ad, “Too Complicated,” features a Wisconsin couple discussing how a “simpler, fairer tax code” gives working American families peace of mind.

AAN has been running ads in “41 congressional districts, including those held by House GOP leaders, House Freedom Caucus members and GOP lawmakers who could be vulnerable in the midterm elections,” AAN said in a statement. “Many of the targeted districts are in California, New York, and Illinois.”

“Conservatives are on the right track and have a winning message on pro-growth tax reform: cut taxes on working families, keep and create jobs here at home, and eliminate loopholes for special interests,” AAN Executive Director Corry Bliss said in a statement. “That’s exactly what Americans across the country deserve. Lawmakers must deliver on their promise to families or prepare to be held accountable.”