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New Ad Promotes Middle-Class Savings Under Republican Tax Reform Plan

The $550,000 digital ad buy will run for the next two week in 42 targeted congressional districts.

The American Action Network (AAN) is out with a new digital ad that highlights the savings that middle-class families will see under the Republican tax reform plan.

The ad titled, “Savings,” is backed by a $550,000 digital ad buy and will run for the next two week in 42 targeted House districts.

According to AAN, the ad aims to “simulate a search query on tax reform to highlight tax cuts for middle-class families under the Tax Reform Framework.”

“For too long, hardworking Americans have suffered under an outdated and unfair tax code. Families living paycheck to paycheck, working hard to get ahead, deserve some relief,” AAN Executive Director Corry Bliss said in a statement. “The Tax Reform Framework released by the White House and congressional leaders is designed to lessen the burden on middle-class families. Now is the time for Congress to make meaningful tax reform a reality, allowing America’s middle class to see more money in their paychecks and save for the future.”