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New Ad Reminds Alabamans of Brooks’ Criticism of Trump’s Immigration Plans

The ad calls out Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), who’s running in Alabama’s U.S. Senate primary, for calling Trump’s immigration position worse than Obama’s position.


The Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) is out with a new ad reminding Alabamans voting in the August 15 U.S. Senate primary of Mo Brooks’ criticism of Donald Trump’s immigration position.

The ad, titled “Worse,” was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

“Who thinks Donald Trump’s border security plan is worse than Barack Obama’s?” the narrator asks. “Career Congressman Mo Brooks.”

In February 2016, Brooks “described Trump’s immigration position on border security as being worse than Obama’s,” in an interview with an Alabama paper.

“He says he wants to build this great big wall with a great big door and deport all these illegal aliens, costing taxpayers billions of dollars in deportation costs, and then he wants to let them all back in legally,” [Brooks] said. “The only difference between Obama’s border policy and Trump’s amnesty policy is Trump wants to to spend billions on a fruitless exercise. If he wants to deport them, that’s good, but to let them come back in legally and take jobs from Americans, that’s bad.”

Brooks was a frequent critic of Trump in 2016, both during the GOP primary and after Trump locked up the nomination.

Now, Brooks is trying to whitewash his past criticism, claiming he supports Trump more than his opponents.

The SLF ad, recalling Brooks’ opposition to Trump’s signature immigration positions, would seem to call Brooks’ claims of support now into question.