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New Ad Touts Sessions As The Right Kind of Person to Lead DOJ

Ahead of Sessions’ confirmation fight, one group is going on the air to support his nomination…

Jeff Sessions Hatch Oped

As Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) prepares for his confirmation hearings next week, the would-be Attorney General is getting some air support from a group eager to aid Sessions’ passage through committee.

Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) produced a new 30-second ad Friday in support of the Alabama senator, backed by a six-figure cable and digital buy. The ad, called “Getting It Right,” features stories from Alabama residents who “shower Sessions with effusive praise for his tenure as U.S. Senator.”

The ad will run in states won by Donald Trump in November and with vulnerable Democratic senators up for reelection in 2018, including Indiana, Missouri, and North Dakota. The ad will also run in the Washington, D.C. market.

Watch the ad here: