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New Club For Growth Action Ad ‘Can’t Afford’

The Club for Growth Action Fund is out with a new ad attacking Wisconsin’s Democratic Senate candidate, Russ Feingold, for being a career politician.

The ad titled, “Can’t Afford” opens by explaining how Feingold has been in elected office for 34 years and alleges that Feingold even taxed Social Security.

“So we know Feingold’s a big taxer. What’s he do with all our money? He takes it from Social Security and spends it on bigger government,” the ad’s narrator says.

The ad closes by telling the audience, “We can’t afford Russ Feingold.”

The group is spending $750,000 on a television and digital buy in the Wisconsin Senate race. A Marquette Law School poll released on Wednesday shows Feingold and Johnson virtual tied in the race for Senate.