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New DNC CEO is Clinton Alumna Who Worships in the “Church of Maxine”

Jessica O’Connell is an unapologetic pro-choice activist who disagreed with Bernie Sanders’ support for a pro-life candidate.

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Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez announced Friday that Jessica O’Connell will be the DNC’s new CEO. While experienced, O’Connell may move the DNC further to the left and further away from resolving the crises plaguing the Democratic Party in 2017.

Like Perez, O’Connell was a Hillary Clinton supporter. She even worked for Clinton’s first presidential campaign, in 2007, as “national director of operations,” according to her EMILY’s List bio.

O’Connell made her stance on the Democrats’ abortion debate clear in March, when she was still at EMILY’s List, implying that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was “abandoning choice & millions of women” with his support for pro-life Democrats.

Though she may not be an enthusiastic supporter of Sanders, the socialist who is taking over the Democratic Party, she does worship at the “Church of Maxine” Waters, the party’s leading conspiracy theorist on Donald Trump.

Among Waters’ recent greatest hits are calling for President Trump to be impeached (again) and saying that Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are racists who want “to keep minorities in their place.”

Though many Democrats support Waters’ wild claims these days, the more important takeaway is that the hiring of O’Connell may pull the DNC further left on issues like abortion and put them further away from resolving the Clinton/Sanders war that has raged in the party since 2015.