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New Emails Raise Questions About Clinton’s Involvement In Foundation Business While At State

While serving as Secretary of State, Clinton ordered an ally to form a 501c3, prompting one staffer to ask her, “Is this accurate?”

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Citizens United released a new batch of emails today from State Department officials who worked for Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary.

The latest trove from the conservative group, which has released hundreds of pages of emails procured from Freedom of Information Act requests and subsequent court orders, includes 198 pages of correspondence between Clinton’s State Department aides and Clinton Foundation employees.

Of the 198 pages, 43 pages focus on the creation of the “Friends of the Clinton Centre,” a 501c3 that was set up to allow the Clintons to operate business interests in Ireland and Northern Ireland, according to the Washington Post.

According to that report, in 2012 Clinton “firmly instructed” Stella O’Leary, the head of a pro-Clinton, Irish American PAC, to set up the organization—not officially affiliated with the Clinton Foundation—to “be flexible so that any funding raised could be used in whatever manner WJC and HRC wish in Ireland and Northern Ireland…”

The Clinton Centre, which was initially formed is now “stagnant,” according to the Post.

In the emails released by Citizens United, Clinton’s Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills forwards a discussion about O’Leary’s claim to Clinton, asking, “Is this accurate?”

Mills Email Clinton 501c3

The email raises the question of why Clinton was involved with the formation of a 501c3 while serving as Secretary of State.

In another email released in the latest Citizens United trove, a December 2010 email that is almost entirely redacted includes the name of Clinton’s sister-in-law, Megan Rodham and the cryptic text, “Most recent events surrounding [redacted] Case:”.

Megan Rodham Email

The exchange, which originates with Mills and Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin is eventually forwarded by Abedin to longtime Bill Clinton aide Doug Band, who replies by asking, “And what does megan rodham have to do with this”.

Many of the Clinton emails in Citizen United’s release, as so many have since they began to be released in 2015, raise more questions than they answer, particularly in the realm of foreign influence over the Clinton Foundation and Clinton herself while at the State Department.

“The specter of foreign influence and the appearance of conflicts of interest are critically important issues,” Citizens United Political Director JT Mastranadi said in a press release.

See the full release of emails below:

Emails Part I

Emails Part II