New Focus Group Shows What Messaging Motivates Voters on Tax Reform

By NTK Staff | 08.17.2017 @11:56am
New Focus Group Shows What Messaging Motivates Voters on Tax Reform

Participants say job creation is the most important reason to pass the legislation

A new focus group commissioned by the America Action Network released Thursday morning revealed some interesting facts that may offer a preview for how the GOP plans to sell tax reform to the American people.

In surveys with Independent and Republican voters from two swing congressional districts, (CA-45) and (NE-02), evidence showed that they felt job creation and economic growth were the most important reason to pass tax reform.

When asked about the most important reasons to pass tax reform on a scale of 1-10, approving the legislation because it would promote “more jobs and economic growth” scored the highest with a 9.1 average. Coming in just behind that with an average of 9.0 was that reforming that tax code would make “American businesses stronger and more competitive with foreign companies.”

However, one message that didn’t seem to convince individuals in the focus group was that passing tax reform would amount to a tax cut for the rich. When asked on a scale of 1-10 why it would be smart to oppose this legislation, the fact that it might lead to a reduction in taxes for the rich mustered just a 3.8 average score. On top of that, “ensuring the rich pay their fair share” was the least important reason to support tax reform when participants were asked.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has said that tax reform represents the “crown jewel” of the Republican agenda and that he’d like to pass a version of the legislation before the end of 2017.

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