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New GOP Tax Reform Ad Blitz to Target 28 House Districts

One GOP group has spent $10 million pushing for tax reform so far. Today’s announcement includes another $2 million ad buy.

Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence

American Action Network (AAN), the group pushing hard for tax reform, announced a new, $2 million national ad buy targeting House members in states like California, North Carolina, and Florida.

The group, which has spent $10 million to date on the effort, released “Paycheck to Paycheck,” an ad that will run on national cable and in 28 congressional districts.

“I would like to see Congress make middle-class tax cuts a priority for families like mine,” says Melissa Skowronski, the Lawrence, Mich.-based star of the ad. “A simpler, fairer tax code – with tax cuts for working families – will give us some peace of mind, and closing loopholes means everyone pays their fair share. Congress, do the right thing for working families and give us a simpler, fairer tax code.”

The ads will single out House members by name and thanking them for their efforts to pass tax reform to “help working families.”