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NEW MAP: Can Clinton Reach 400 Electoral Votes?

NBC’s latest battleground map puts 400 electoral votes within reach for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

NBC News released a new battleground map on Friday, and their predictions are very good for Hillary Clinton.

NBC News Electoral Map

The combined “likely” and “lean” states for Clinton get her over the 270 electoral votes needed to win – previous battleground states PA, VA, NC, NH, and CO are in the “lean” column.

NBC News moved previous GOP strongholds into the tossup column, including GA, AZ, and UT. Tossup states OH, FL, IA, and NV, remain tossups.

Where the map could get ugly for Trump is in the “Lean Republican” column. Texas – long a GOP bulwark – is listed as “Lean Republican,” echoing a WFAA/SurveyUSA poll released Thursday that has Trump up a mere four in the state (47-43).

Other “Lean Republican” states? ND, SD, NE, MO, IN, SC, MT, and AK.

If Clinton can lock up the tossups (she’s leading in many of them) she’ll hit 381 electoral votes. Flipping Texas – or a combination of a few of the “Lean Republican” states – would get Clinton past 400.

The last presidential candidate to earn 400+ electoral votes was George H.W. Bush in 1988 – he earned 426 to Michael Dukakis’ 111.