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New NRCC Ad Hits Jon Ossoff as a “Childish Radical”

The new ad hits Ossoff for his extremist backers.

The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) released a new ad Thursday, hitting GA-06 Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff as “childish [and] radical.”

The ad began with images of left-wing extremists rioting during President Trump’s inauguration.

“They’re childish. They’re radical,” the narrator said, to images of property destruction.

“D.C. liberals, Hollywood elites, this is who supports Jon Ossoff,” he continued, as the ad cut to images of Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-style mock beheading of Trump.

“Jon Ossoff is one of them,” the narrator said. “Childish, radical.”

The ad ended with a request that constituents “vote against Jon Ossoff.”