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New Poll: Americans Agree With Trump’s Russia Positioning

A new CBS News poll reveals that as Trump shifts from friend to foe on Russia, the American people are moving into his corner.

President Trump and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

A new poll released Thursday shows more Americans agree with President Trump on Russia now than two months ago, as the president takes a harder line on Russia’s involvement in Syria and embraces institutions like NATO.

From CBS News‘ polling team:

On the plus side for Mr. Trump, a growing number of Americans say that he is not “too friendly” toward the Russian government. Forty-eight percent now say his approach to Russia is “about right,” and only 35 percent say he is too friendly. In February, that number was 43 percent.

Trump’s positions on Russia are embraced in particular by Republicans; 83 percent say Trump’s “approach” to Russia is “about right.” Nearly half of independents (47 percent) say the same.

A majority of Democrats (62 percent) still think Trump is “too friendly” with Russia, which defies some logic after both Vladimir Putin and President Trump said on Wednesday that U.S.-Russia relations are at an all-time low. (However, CBS News conducted the poll before Wednesday’s remarks.)

Notably, though, nearly one in five Democrats (18 percent) thinks Trump is “about right” on Russia.