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New Poll: Americans Want a Tax Cut, Believe Corporate Tax Cut Will Create Jobs

The NBC News/WSJ poll found majority support for tax cuts for individuals and an acknowledgement that corporate tax cuts will create jobs in the U.S.

Trump at a meeting

Ahead of key debates on tax reform, Americans are strongly signaling to Congress and President Trump that they support a tax cut for individuals.

A majority of Americans either support cutting taxes on individuals (24 percent) or “BOTH” individuals and businesses (28 percent), a total of 52 percent, according to a Thursday poll released by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal. An additional four percent support cutting taxes for businesses.

Even if the isolated support for tax cuts on businesses is not as strong as the support for a tax cut for individuals, a majority of Americans (54 percent) acknowledge that “a major reduction in the amount that corporations pay in taxes” would “encourage companies to significantly expand and increase the number of jobs.”

In recent, the “Big 6” working on tax reform in the U.S. have targeted a 20-percent corporate tax rate, which would be a significant reduction from the current 35 percent corporate tax rate.