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New Senate Leadership Fund Ad ‘Failed’

On Wednesday, Senate Leadership Fund released a new ad targeting Wisconsin’s Democratic Senate candidate, Russ Finegold.

The ad titled, “Failed” highlights the Veterans Affairs scandal, and how when Russ Feingold was a United States senator he voted 13 times against Wisconsin veterans.

“Feingold voted against improving veterans access to health care, against emergency funding for veterans programs, against critical funding for the VA,” the ad’s narrator says.

The ad closes with the narrator stating, “Our vets risked everything. Russ Finegold, he’s just a career politician. That’s why we fired him in the first place.”

“Washington Democrats took their eyes off this race and now career politician Russ Feingold finds himself sinking in the polls like a lead weight,” Senate Leadership Fund’s spokesman Ian Prior said of the ad. “As it turns out, Wisconsin voters haven’t forgotten why they fired Feingold six years ago, and they look ready to reject his re-application.”

The ad is part of $2 million television ad campaign in Wisconsin, the ad will air in Green Bay, La Crosse, Wausau, Duluth and on cable in Minneapolis.