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New Senate Leadership Fund Ad: “Sway”

On Wednesday, the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) launched its fourth television ad targeting Evan Bayh. The ad, titled ‘Sway,’ is part of SLF’s $8.5 million fall advertising campaign in Indiana.

The ad highlights Bayh’s close ties to Wall Street and pegs Bayh as a D.C. insider, describing Bayh as part of the “Washington lobbying establishment.”

“Evan Bayh is Wall Street’s and K Street’s dream Senator,” SLF spokseman Ian Prior said in a statement. “After making millions on corporate boards and from a lobbying firm, Hoosier families are right to question where Bayh’s loyalties would lie if he returned to the Senate.”

Bayh has been accused of being a carpetbagger who doesn’t even reside in the state of Indiana. In one of the bigger political gaffes of the 2016 cycle, Bayh incorrectly stated his address during a TV interview.

“Sway” begins airing Thursday on all broadcast and cable TV markets in Indiana.