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Newsmax Editor Calls Out George Stephanopoulos For Biased Introduction

CEO of Newsmax Media, Christopher Ruddy called out ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for a biased introduction before his interview Sunday morning.

“We’re joined by a close friend and ally of the president, Christopher Ruddy, the CEO of the conservative website Newsmax. He tweeted out this photo of the president yesterday down in Florida. He joins us now from West Palm Beach,” Stephanopoulos said in introducing Ruddy.

Ruddy took objection to being called a “close friend and ally of the president” seeming to think Stephanopoulos’ tone suggested that Ruddy was not an independent journalist.

“I want to make clear I don’t speak for the president. I run Newsmax. I’m an independent news agency. But I do think the press has been very unfair. Even the setup for this segment of me coming on,” Ruddy told Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos responded by saying, “Chris, I take your point about not being an official spokesperson for the president.”

“I don’t think there was anything I said there that was untrue. If you’d like to suggest there is, you can say that,” Stephanopoulos went on to say.

Ruddy responded by saying, “Look, there was a recent poll that showed 54% of Americans believe that the press is too aggressive in their attacks on the president. We’ve never had a situation where the press is basically been part of an opposition political party.”