Nikki Haley Defends Trump’s Afghanistan Decision

By NTK Staff | 08.22.2017 @9:28am

The UN Ambassador praised the president's decision-making process on continuing the longest U.S. war in history.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley defended President Trump’s decision to maintain the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and commit U.S. forces to winning the conflict.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo pointed out that Trump had changed his mind on Afghanistan, advocating pulling out of the country during his presidential campaign.

“One thing is to be a candidate and talk about what you think. The other thing is to be a president and talk about what you know,” Haley said.

“True,” Cuomo agreed.

“Our enemies are no longer going to know what our timeline is. Our enemies are no longer going to know where we are and how many troops and all of those things,” Haley said. “What our enemies are going to know is we’re not putting up with the terrorism anymore.”

Haley also touted the president’s south Asia strategy as a whole, saying that Trump would put pressure on regional powers to help undermine terrorism.

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