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Nikki Haley: UN Human Rights Council Has Permanent Agenda Items to Attack Israel

The UN Ambassador discussed the ridiculousness of human rights abusers moralizing on Israel.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley criticized the United Nations Human Rights Council over its obsession with bashing Israel while including members who regularly violate human rights. She made the remarks at the Capitol Hill National Security Forum on Thursday.

“For any sort of human rights violation, for any country in the world, you go through Agenda Item 4. It allows you to say that there’s a problem,” Haley said of Human Rights Council meetings’ procedures.

“Agenda Item 7 is solely for acts condeming Israel. Why would you do that?” Haley asked. “You have Syria and North Korea and all these other places and you’re going to have one agenda item for Israel?”

“It’s just an Israel-bashing item, and it’s been there forever,” she added

Haley said that members of the Human Rights Council “are constantly trying to use it.”

On the flip side, Venezuela, which has routinely repressed its citizens under the Maduro administration, sits on the Human Rights Council and has blocked condemnations of its human rights violations.