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Nina Turner Blasts The Democrat’s New Slogan For Leaving Out People Of Color

The Ohio Democrat questions what “A Better Deal” even means.

The president of Bernie Sanders’ ‘Our Revolution,’ Nina Turner, blasted the Democratic Party’s new slogan “A Better Deal,” during a panel discussion on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

“We lost in 2016 because we did not speak to the heart of the people, did not address their concerns, the economy, income inequality,” Turner told the panel about why Democrats lost in 2016.

Turner then turned her fire on the Democratic Party, saying, “We have got to get out there and talk to the people, stop making up these slogans…’A Better Deal.’ I mean, what does that mean?”

The Democrats recently unveiled their slogan that they intend to run on in 2018, but it has been criticized for missing the point.

“Even that slogan, even that policy that they’re pushing has left out large swaths of the population, particularly people of color,” Turner concluded. “So the Democrats have got to stop playing games and get to the heart of it and that’s the truth of the matter.”