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Nixon’s WH Counselor Says Yates, Saturday Night Massacre Are Not the Same

Amid comparisons between President Trump’s sacking of acting Attorney General Sally Yates and the Saturday Night Massacre, White House Counsel under President Nixon John Dean said on MSNBC that Trump’s action “really isn’t the same.”

However, Dean did say that the action was “Nixonian” in nature.

Dean criticized what he called the “nasty press release” Trump released after firing Yates and a “bungled” introduction of the refugee executive order.

During the Watergate Scandal, Nixon fired a Special Prosecutor appointed to look into Nixon’s involvement with the conspiracy. As a result, the attorney general and deputy attorney general resigned. This series of events went on to be known as the “Saturday Night Massacre.”

Trump fired the acting attorney general after she refused to defend an executive order he issued on national security.