Northam Criticized for Removing Black Running Mate from Campaign Flyer

By NTK Staff | 10.18.2017 @5:44pm
Northam Criticized for Removing Black Running Mate from Campaign Flyer

The Virginia Democrat running for governor made a major misstep as the race comes down to the wire.

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, the Democratic candidate for governor, is under fire for edits to versions of his standard campaign literature, according to The Republican Standard.

A second version of Northam’s campaign flyer removed his running mate, Lieutenant Governor candidate Justin Fairfax, an African-American man.

As The Republican Standard pointed out, the Virginia Democratic Party denied the candidate a chance to speak at their state convention and annual fundraising dinner.

The story quickly took off, with The Resurgent, the Washington Free Beacon, and the Richmond Times-Dispatch all picking up the story.

The Times-Dispatch reported that the Northam campaign had created the flyer for a specific union, the Laborers’ International Union of North America:

In the Fairfax-free flier, created for the Democratic friendly Laborers’ International Union of North America, all references to Fairfax — including his picture — are gone. Those fliers have been used in Northern Virginia.

The union requested a flier that did not include Fairfax, said Brian Petruska, general counsel with the LIUNA Mid-Atlantic Region Organizing Coalition, because Fairfax did not complete their questionnaire and “wasn’t supporting us on the issues,” he said.

Instead of standing by his running mate however, Northam essentially threw him off the ticket in northern Virginia.

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