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NY Attorney General: Democrats Should Focus on Elections, Not Impeachment

“There is no substitute for the hard work at the end of the day of electing good people,” Schneiderman said regarding the Democrats strategy of impeachment.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said on Tuesday that the Democratic Party needs to focus more on winning elections, and not concern itself with impeaching President Trump, during an interview on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Meyers asked Schneiderman, who has brought several lawsuits against Trump, whether Democrats need to step back from the idea that impeaching Trump will happen.

“I think you have to separate it out,” Schneiderman told Meyers. “Our first job is to protect the people we represent from these horrendous public policies that pour out of Washington.”

Schneiderman continued: “As to misconduct by the Trump campaign colluding with Russia or, you know, allegations of money laundering by people around the president, those are separate investigations that are going forward.”

“But I do think it is important,” Schneiderman concluded, “for Democrats to recognize that there is no substitute for the hard work at the end of the day of electing good people and we have to go back and elect good people from the grassroots up in order to get this country back on track.”

Watch the full interview here: