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NYT David Sanger: Obama Is Leaving Syria, North Korea, And Cyber In A Worse Place

On Wednesday, the New York Times’ David Sanger appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss President Obama’s foreign policy legacy.

Host Joe Scarborough asked Sanger if his recent piece in the Times was actually about what Donald Trump would he be inheriting from President Obama’s foreign policy.

“There are three things I think he is leaving in a worse place,” Sanger began. “The first is Syria were because the Russians are there – the options are very limited. The second is North Korea, a place where it is demonstrably in a far worse place than we were when he came to power. And the third is what we wrote about today – it’s Cyber.”

Sanger did tell Scarborough that he thought President Obama was leaving Iran, Cuba and Burma in a much better place for Trump.