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NYT’s Peters: Trump Could Nominate Ted Cruz for Supreme Court Next and Democrats Can’t Stop Him

Jeremy Peters, a reporter for The New York Times, said on MSNBC Monday that President Trump could nominate Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court the next time a seat opened up and Democrats would not be able to stop him.

“And now the next one, we know, he will have carte blanche,” Peters said. “He could say, ‘You know what? I’m going to nominate Ted Cruz, Democrats, because you screwed around with me last time. You tried to block my nominee who by all accounts did very well in his confirmation hearings, has unquestionable qualifications.'”

Peters said that Democrats’ resistance to Gorsuch was “short-sighted” due to this fact.

He also criticized Democrats for doing away with the filibuster in 2013 for judicial appointments and said they only had themselves to blame for the current situation.

“When the Democrats changed that rule in 2013, they opened the door for this to happen,” Peters said.

Currently Democrats have the numbers to filibuster the nomination, but Republicans have the option to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations.