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Obama Blames Fox News For Creating Fake News

“If you’re watching Fox News, your world is entirely different,” Obama said during a roundtable on Thursday.

Former President Barack Obama bashed Fox News and suggested that the network was responsible for the creation of fake news in America during a roundtable in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Thursday that was part of the Obama Foundation’s global listening tour.

Obama explained to the audience that one of the dangers he sees in the United States is that “we are losing a common framework, a common baseline of facts from which to then debate and argue about how we move forward.”

“In the United States, it used to be there were three television stations,” Obama explained. “They would present to you what was happening in the world, and so people had at least some common way of thinking about problems, even if they didn’t always agree.”

“Today in the United States, there’s Fox News, and there’s the New York Times, and if you’re watching Fox News, your world is entirely different. What you see, what you believe, what you think your facts, has no connection to what would you would see in the New York Times,” Obama told the audience.

Obama added that he reads the New York Times, so he’s a little biased.

“But what is true is if I watched Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me either, because I don’t recognize myself” Obama added.