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Obama Calls Voter Fraud Fake News

President Obama held his final White House press conference during which he called stories about voter fraud “fake news.”

Obama told reporters, “This whole notion of the election, of voting fraud, this is something that has constantly been disproved. This is fake news. The notion that there are a whole bunch of people out there who are going out there and are not eligible to vote and want to vote.”

In October the Washington Times did an analysis of ten cases of voter fraud from across the country.

They include:

  • Dead people voting in Colorado.
  • Illegals found voting in Virginia; only discovered after they self-reported.
  • Some Pennsylvania citizens voting twice.
  • Illegal voters uncovered in Philadelphia; half had previously voted.
  • Voter rigging triggers probe in Texas.
  • Indiana voter fraud investigation grows to 56 counties.
  • Three under investigation in Oklahoma for voting twice in the presidential primary.
  • Election fraud in Kentucky.
  • Underage voters found voting in Wisconsin’s presidential primary.
  • Voter registration cards sent to illegals in Pennsylvania.