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Obama CIA Director on Intelligence Community Leaks: They Are Appalling, and Need to Stop

“They are appalling. They need to stop, they need to be investigated,” John Brennan said regarding leaks coming from the intelligence community.

John Brennan, who served as CIA director in the Obama administration, said on Sunday that the leaks coming out of the intelligence community regarding the Trump administration are appalling, and they need to stop.

NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Brennan how damaging the leaks coming from the intelligence community are.

“Well, there are two different types of leaks. One type is revealing very sensitive, classified information. They are appalling. They need to stop, they need to be investigated, and people need to be held to account,” Brennan responded.

“But then there are also leaks about conversations and internal White House intrigue. That is something I think the White House is going to have to get control of,” Brennan concluded. “But clearly, as you point out, I think there is a lot that is hemorrhaging out of this administration.”