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Obama Counterterrorism Staffer Draws Equivalence Between Jihadists and “Far-Right”

Seamus Hughes made the comparison during a congressional hearing on Tuesday.

Seamus Hughes, a staffer at the National Counterterrorism Center during the Obama administration, seemingly drew an equivalence between the Islamic State and the European “far-right” during a congressional hearing on Tuesday.

Hughes said that “far-right movements,” in the wake of terrorist attacks, were taking “advantage” of the situation.

“These groups tend to ignore the distinction between Islam, Islamism, and Jihadism, seeing all Muslims as a threat,” Hughes said. “It has triggered indiscriminate attacks against Muslim communities.”

“We have seen how both extreme movements, jihadist and extremist far-right, have fed off each other and used this to assist in their recruitment efforts,” he said. “This pervasive dynamic of reciprocal radicalization between jihadist and far-right extremists is a troubling trend.”

The Obama administration drew criticism in 2009, after it focused its intelligence reports on “right-wing extremist organizations” rather than Islamic extremists.