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Obama Endorses Macron in France. Will it Boost Macron or Bury Him?

President Obama took a rare political step in his post-presidency and endorsed in the French presidential race. He doesn’t exactly have a history of making the right picks.

President Obama

On Thursday, former President Obama endorsed French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron in the election scheduled for this Sunday, May 7.

CBS News noted in its story about the endorsement that President Obama enjoys a high approval rating in France:

According to a recent Suffolk University poll of [F]rench voters, Obama still has a nearly 90 percent approval rating among respondents, that’s compared to a dismal 82 percent of voters who view current President Donald Trump as unfavorable.

Still, Obama doesn’t have a recent history of picking the right side in elections. In April 2016, he warned UK voters that the country would move to the “back of the queue” on trade deals if it voted to “Brexit.” The country did anyway.

Then, Obama spent weeks campaigning hard for Hillary Clinton. We all know how that turned out.

Macron currently leads Le Pen by 24 points, so Obama may notch a win on this one. Then again, the polls have been wrong before.