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Obama: I Take Some Responsibility For The Destruction Of The Democratic Party

In the wake of Democrats’ stunning election losses in November 2016, it has been widely reported that President Obama is at least partly to blame for the destruction of the Democratic Party’s national standing.

During President Obama’s exit interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asked the president if he felt any responsibility.

“I take some responsibility on that,” Obama told Stephanopoulos. “I think that some of it was circumstances.”

President Obama pointed to the great recession of 2008 as a reason for the losses telling Stephanopoulos:

OBAMA: There were a lot of folks who had lost their homes or saw their home values plummet, their 401(k)s plummet. And we were just at the beginnings of a recovery. And the, you know, whoever is president at that point is gonna get hit and his party’s gonna get hit.

Obama went on to tell Stephanopoulos that Democrats have, “got to do a better job of showing up.”