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Obama Official Who Gave Iran Billions of Dollars: “I’m No Apologist for Iran”

Wendy Sherman had negotiated the Iran nuclear deal, which provided Iran with billions in freed assets.

Ambassador Wendy Sherman, who gifted Iran billions of dollars through negotiations over the regime’s nuclear program, told MSNBC on Tuesday, “I’m no apologist for Iran, whatsoever.” Sherman had led negotiations for the Obama administration when they cut a deal with Tehran, attempting to hinder nuclear development.

Criticizing President Trump’s rhetoric on the deal, Sherman said that she agreed with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that the United States would hurt its credibility if it pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal.

However, she did admit that Iran had engaged in hostile actions like terrorism and ballistic missile development in the wake of the agreement.

Perhaps Iran would have been prevented from financing their destabilizing actions, though, if Sherman hadn’t given away the farm in negotiations.

According to the Free Beacon, Iran received over $30 billion from the Iranian nuclear agreement that Sherman negotiated:

Iran may have received an additional $33.6 billion in secret cash and gold payments facilitated by the Obama administration between 2014 and 2016, according to testimony provided before Congress by an expert on last summer’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

Between January 2014 and July 2015, when the Obama administration was hammering out the final details of the nuclear accord, Iran was paid $700 million every month from funds that had previously been frozen by U.S. sanctions.

Sherman may not see herself an “apologist,” but she should consider herself a financier.