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Obama: Race Relations Have Gotten Better Under My Presidency

ABC Chicago’s Judy Hsu sat down with President Obama to discuss his farewell address, scheduled for Tuesday, January 10.

Hsu asked Obama about a recent Facebook video that shows a group of African-American teenagers torturing a white man with special needs.

Obama said the video was “terrible.”

Hsu followed up by asking Obama if race relations have gotten better or worse since he became President.

“You know, I think that in some ways, like everything else, it’s gotten better and in some ways, we have surfaced divisions that were already there,” Obama told Hsu.

“I promise you for the most part, race relations have gotten better,” Obama concluded.

A CNN/ORC poll conducted in October found 54 percent of respondents said “relations between blacks and whites have gotten worse since Obama became president, including 57% of whites and 40% of blacks.”