Obama Says Liberal California Can Trump White House on Climate Change Policies

By NTK Staff | 05.09.2017 @11:09am

The former president thinks that the private sector and California will lead the way on energy policy.

Former President Barack Obama was critical of President Trump and his administration’s energy policies during a Q&A segment at a food summit in Italy on Tuesday, but expressed optimism because of the private sector and California.

The former president was asked where he sees the United States going in the future on the issue of climate change.

“Well, look obviously the current administration has differences with my administration on energy policies,” Obama told the audience.

However, Obama expressed optimism: “the private sector has already made a determination that our future is clean energy. Investments are already moving into clean energy.”

“I’m confident that the United States will continue to move in the right direction,” Obama went on to say.

The former president then cited California’s aggressive actions on motor vehicles as an example of why he is optimistic.

“Here’s the thing: California makes its own fuel emission standards, and California is the largest market for cars in the United States,” Obama explained to the audience. “So even if the rules changes in Washington, there’s no U.S. automaker that can afford to produce a car that is not fuel-efficient enough to be sold in California.”

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