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Obama Speechwriter Criticizes Trump for Deporting Veterans That Obama Deported

Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for President Obama, criticized the Trump administration for deporting veterans.

Citing a tweet about deported veterans from the Agence France Presse (AFP) news agency, former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted on Monday night: “I can’t even believe this is real. And we have a general running DHS?”

Favreau served as a White House speechwriter during President Obama’s first term, and now hosts the left-wing Pod Save America with other Obama staffers. His tweet took a shot at the Trump administration and in particular, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, for deporting veterans.

One fact Favreau forgot to mention, though, was that the Obama administration made a habit of deporting veterans during its time in charge.

A 2016 NPR report told the story of Daniel Torres, who was deported after his faking of documents to earn entry into the military came to light:

[Torres] deployed to Iraq, near Fallujah, in 2009. When his unit came home and started gearing up for a tour in Afghanistan, Torres lost his wallet. When he tried to get his ID replaced, his story came apart.

Instead of going to Afghanistan, Torres wound up in Tijuana, Mexico, unable to return to the country for which he had fought.

Margaret Stock, an immigration lawyer, told NPR that “the Obama administration has been aggressive about deporting immigrants who commit crimes, including veterans, though no one knows an exact number.”

As for the veterans in Ciudad Juárez, their leader, Hector Barajas, was deported under the Bush administration after being involved in a Los Angeles shooting where no one was hurt. Barajas runs the group known as the Deported Veterans Support House.

Further, Favreau’s implication that Kelly does not care about veterans or soldiers also ignores the fact that Kelly’s son was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Favreau has plenty to say about the Trump administration, but ignored his own administration’s culpability in deporting veterans of the U.S. military.