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ObamaCare Architect: ‘The Law Is Working As Designed’

Jonathan Gruber who is considered to be the so-called “architect” of the Affordable Care Act, appeared on CNN to discuss the recent premium hikes Wednesday morning.

CNN’s Carol Costello asked Gruber, “Hillary Clinton says she can fix ObamaCare, so what would [be] one fix that would drive premiums down?”

Despite some bipartisan agreement that ObamaCare needs to be fixed to solve some of its more sever problems, Gruber said ObamCare is working as planned.

“Look, once again, there’s no sense in which this has to be fixed. The law’s working as designed,” Gruber responded.

On Monday, the Obama administration confirmed that ObamaCare premiums would increase an average of 25 percent across America. ObamaCare was consistently billed to the American public as an affordable health care option but is turning into anything but that.