Occupy OKC Leader Wants Higher Energy Taxes but Fails to Pay His Own

By NTK Staff | 05.22.2017 @4:59pm
Occupy OKC Leader Wants Higher Energy Taxes but Fails to Pay His Own

OKC protest leader Mark Faulk ran afoul of IRS in 2013, and said he was put on federal no-fly list in 2012.

With Oklahoma legislators unable to find common ground on how to plug the state’s budget hole, the Occupy OKC movement is heading to the state Capitol today to push for higher taxes on the state’s oil and gas industry. Their #7orShutdown protest demands that legislators raise the gross domestic production tax from two percent to seven percent.

While this major tax increase could “quickly turn the current state recovery back into a recession,” it turns out that a key Occupy OKC leader has failed to pay his own fair share of taxes.

On March 15, 2013, a federal tax lien for $12,755 was filed against Occupy OKC Mark Faulk in Oklahoma County, OK. Nearly two years would elapse before Faulk became whole on his obligation to the country as a taxpayer.

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Mr. Faulk is no stranger to controversy either. In 2012, he claimed to have landed on the federal government’s no-fly list because of protest antics that landed him in jail.

An Oklahoma City filmmaker and activist claims he’s on the federal government’s no-fly list because of his involvement with the Occupy OKC movement, which included an arrest at a Del City Walmart in November.

Mark Faulk, who was arrested on Black Friday along with a group of fellow Occupy protesters for holding a “mic check” at the Walmart, believes it was this arrest that landed him on the watch list maintained by the FBI.

According to The Oklahoman, raising the state’s gross production tax would lead to a drilling decrease that would have a devastating impact on income and sales tax revenues:

A decline in drilling would also lower associated income and sales tax collections, further harming state finances.

The recent increase in drilling activity has provided welcome spark to Oklahoma’s economy. State lawmakers should do nothing to snuff it out.

The Occupy OKC protest is scheduled to take place at the state Capitol at 4:00pm CT on Monday.

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