Oh, Really? Pelosi Says She Wishes Romney Were President

By NTK Staff | 10.19.2017 @10:04am
Oh, Really? Pelosi Says She Wishes Romney Were President

Either the House minority leader was lying then, or she's lying now.

Apparently, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wants a man she used to trash, almost daily, to be president of the United States.

UCLA professor and New York Times contributor Lynn Vavreck tweeted on Thursday that Pelosi told an LA Times event crowd that it would be “nice” if Mitt Romney were president. The LA Times crowd gave Pelosi “[h]uge applause.”

It’s quite the turnaround for Pelosi. She spent much of 2012 – and beyond – trashing Romney.

  • In May 2012, discussing Romney, Pelosi said Republicans “don’t believe in a public role” for anything – including “clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety, public education, public transportation, public housing, public health, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security”
  • In July 2012, she claimed Romney made “a calculated move” to get booed at the NAACP convention
  • The Washington Examiner pointed out in 2016 that, in August 2012, Pelosi “warned that a Romney presidency would negatively impact middle-class voters, women, minorities and the American dream itself”
  • In September 2012, she laughed about the prospect of working with a President Romney: “Oh, Mitt Romney’s not going to be president of the United States
  • In January 2015, she said she “hope[s]” Romney would become the 2016 GOP nominee, suggesting Hillary Clinton could easily dispatch Romney

The times have changed and Pelosi now appears to be wistful for Romney, just like she appeared to be wistful for President George W. Bush during the Romney campaign.

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