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One Nation Begins Running Anti-Obamacare Ads in Battleground States

One Nation, an anti-Obamacare organization, began running ads in key battleground states advocating for the repeal and replace of the health care law and criticizing senators who voted to pass it in 2010.

The above ad, which will air in Florida, points to “skyrocketing” insurance premiums and falling quality in health care. The ad claims that Obamacare “was created by Senator Bill Nelson’s vote.” Nelson is up for re-election in Florida in 2018.

One Nation released a statement, promising a sustained ad campaign to encourage the repeal and replace of the Obama administration’s signature law:

Today, One Nation launched television ads in nine states advocating to repeal and replace Obamacare. The TV ads are part of a $3 million ad campaign to take place over the next three weeks in 11 states. The TV ads will be followed by radio, digital, print and mail.

In addition to Florida, One Nation will run television ads in Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Maine, Arizona, Utah, Alaska, and Nevada. Depending on the corresponding Senator’s stance, the ads either criticize them for opposing repeal and replace or praise them for supporting it.